Goulding is bigger & brighter than ever

Music Review “Lights” Click here to listen to the full album

The synthpop and folktronica queen with the golden vocals. The English recording artist, Ellie Goulding, brightens up the music industry with her debut album ‘lights’, released 26  February 2010 by Polydor Records. Goulding’s music career has been a gradual uphill climb up the music charts from her covering songs with an acoustic guitar style to taking  the world by storm with the releases of her own singles which now feature in the album ‘lights’ itself. Goulding’s single “Under The Sheets” was released as the lead to her album and marked number 53 on the UK singles chart. She then had her follow up single “Starry Eyed” which reached number 4 in 2010 and was written because “I wanted to write a song that everyone can relate to” as said by Goulding. She achieved just that, as the song introduced her to American television audiences. the climb did not end as she released now popular songs such as “Guns and Horses” and “The Writer” it is undoubtedly due to this first album that has brought this European personality to commercial fame.

Ellie Goulding shares a bit how her career starts off in an interview on BBC breakfast and how her album was critically accepted by the general public

With her rising success Goulding decided to write a song that celebrated the success of her first album and released the single “Lights” in accordance with her debut album. The critical reception of the song was so positive that it appeared on the re-release of her album “Bright Lights”, which also featured a few other bonus tracks. The overall groove of the album ‘Light and bright lights’ and the hypnotic vocals propelled the singer song writer up the charts. Soon the name Ellie Goulding would be on everybody’s minds and her album on their playlists.

Below are both covers from Ellie Goulding’s Album ‘Lights’ and the remastered ‘Bright Lights’ both keep the same style with both showcasing the artist, Goulding, with her bathing in an illuminating light with sparked lights surrounding her.

goulding lights

goulding bright lightsEven though some of the public met her with some criticism and she may have not been widely known at the time, but it was her album ‘lights’ that brought us all out of the dark.


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